22 Ways How to Request Reviews

Updated: Jul 3

It would be an understatement to suggest that consumer reviews are influential.

Consumers may be more influenced by a few review phrases than by a whole website. A customer may select a rival over you with just a one-star differential, or even a half-star. Not to add that the main local SEO ranking criteria is reviews.

But you need to ask your consumers for reviews in order to earn those phrases or that extra star. Although it may appear uncomfortable or self-serving, individuals actually like giving their ideas; they just need a little prodding.

With examples and templates to make your life simpler, we’ll explain why and how to solicit customer evaluations in this guide's many circumstances.

Why request feedback?

Because of your own buying experiences, you can already speak to the effectiveness of consumer evaluations. Consider how many times you have selected a company based on its reviews or merely because it has reviews. Or perhaps you never had any second thoughts and knew precisely what you wanted to buy after hearing fantastic things about it from a friend.

The truth is that, even if they are complete strangers, what other people have to say about your business is more credible than what you have to say about it. Not persuaded? Look at these figures from internet reviews:

  • Online reviews are trusted more than personal recommendations by 84 percent of customers.

  • 13,000 more leads might be generated by increasing your review star rating by 1.5.

  • A Yelp rating improvement of 1 star results in a 5–9% revenue boost.

If those statistics aren't motivating you to step outside your comfort zone and begin gathering testimonials for your own company, the following numbers might:

  • Customers are ready. According to a BrightLocal research, 76 percent of those who are prompted to post reviews actually do so.

  • Reviews are useful to consumers. In a Podium survey, 93% of customers agreed that internet evaluations for local businesses are just as valuable as product reviews on online marketplaces like Amazon.

  • Customers look for reviews. 98 percent of customers examine online evaluations of nearby companies, according to BrightLocal.

How to ask for client feedback

There are many different ways to ask for reviews, whether you want to increase your Amazon reviews, earn five stars on Facebook, increase your Yelp ratings, or gain more Google reviews. Some of these methods include:

  • the real

  • through telephone (or via text)