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Exciting SEO Trends for 2019

If you’re in digital marketing, you hear a lot about SEO: search engine optimization. Naturally, when you have a website out there, you want consumers to be able to find it easily through most search engines—this is why, of course, words matter.

SEO, similar to other forms of online marketing, experience trends that come and go; in order to harness SEO potential, it’s vital to take a glance at some important search engine optimization-centered trends that will make their mark in 2019 and beyond. Do you have your pen and pencil ready—or tablet and stylus? Good—you’ll want to make a note of these so you can incorporate them into your advertising routine.

Amazon Search Engine Optimization

Amazon makes shopping easier, right? Well, did you know that 56% of shoppers now utilize Amazon when searching for products first before moving onto Google or another site? It appears that for many, Amazon’s search engine is one-stop shopping—and no pun intended—as it also includes product suggestions, product reviews, as well as pertinent results a consumer might be interested in.

James Thomson at BuyBox Experts claims, “Because more than half of all U.S. online consumer start their search on, every brand has a branding and content strategy on the Amazon channel in order to have any consideration with the largest audience of online shoppers.”

Is this a threat to Google Ads and other competitors in the online realm? We say—indeed.

Voice Search

If you’re reading about online marketing trends, all across the board you will see voice search/Siri in the top five. The same goes for SEO—and why wouldn’t it? By 2020, many experts believe that half of all searches will actually be voice searches.

In general, Google prefers short answers when it comes to voice search queries, as the average result is nearly 29 words. Also, this will affect the language you use on the whole, as we verbally ask for things differently than we type them into a search engine. As better voice search technology develops, SEO will need to develop with it.

Online advertisers and copywriters beware—both these exciting SEO-related trends for 2019 are here and here to stay, meaning they will become an important part of advertising and branding strategy.

Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Darien, CT & NYC. We service businesses with marketing strategies, social media and consultations.


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