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New Digital Advertising Trends

With rapid changes occurring in the digital advertising space, it’s important to keep abreast of new trends. It can seem like online marketing has a new trend every second—but of course, anyone in this industry knows, few sectors are as vacillating as this one. Because of this, staying on top of recent changes and trends is imperative for success—not just in your advertising approach, but also to stay fresh and competitive in a rapidly shifting landscape.

Let’s take a look at some recent and crucial marketing trends that will enhance your advertising approach tenfold.

Live Video Streaming. This is an important one, especially in the age of smartphone/mobile. Live streaming is possible on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and gives potential consumers an “inside view” into your operation and process. Video streams are great for revealing a “backstage perspective” into the daily responsibilities and tasks of your organization—they are also ideal for new product or service rollouts. Regardless, consumers watch videos on their phones more so than any other device, so publishing them on the appropriate platforms can bring about outstanding results.

Engaging Content. Original content is vital for any online marketing company—especially to maintain an audience and garner new interest from potential consumers. Content can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and forms. Riveting blog posts that are entertaining to read and also informative are highly viable, particularly when posted on a social media platform where those articles can be exchanged and read. Additionally, original video content, whether streaming or previously recorded, are visually appealing and can bring about many positive responses. Regardless of the form of your content, it must be original and interesting to watch or read, otherwise people will lose interest.

In the end, finding effective means of marketing in the online world is vital for success in a highly competitive and changing world. By implementing top tier strategies into your advertising game plan, you are communicating your brand in a way others can understand and relate to. Ultimately, this enhances sales and also the reputation of your product or service.


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