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Why No One Is Replying To Your Cold Emails

Are you seeing a steady decline in your cold email reply inbox? While many have been saying for years that this practice is on the decline, it’s irrefutable that cold emailing remains one of the most effective means of garnering new, prospective customers. Yet, if you’re not seeing the responses you once had or initially hoped for, what are some ways to remedy this?

Let’s examine some valuable advice—in the form of some good questions—to help you up your cold emailing game. Who knows? By doing so, it could turn a disappointing 2018 to a truly fantastic 2019!

Are your buyer personas clear? This is one of the first questions you should be asking yourself if you’re trying to enhance your cold emailing strategy. Frankly speaking, you could be emailing the wrong people—so define your product or services and who is willing to pay for it so you can determine who best to reach.

Are you using a signature? Keep in mind that it’s imperative the readers of your cold emails know who you are. Of course, you don’t want to spend too much time explaining who you are, but it’s important they know—otherwise, who’s to say your email isn’t SPAM? Introduce yourself—your name, your title, the company for whom you work and your contact information. You can use a signature at the bottom of the email or even at the top. Regardless, let them know it’s you!

Is your email too long? Nobody wants to spend any more time than they have to reading a cold email, which is why it’s important to keep the copy in your email short and to the point. Remember that prospective customers want to know why a particular product or service is useful to them. In the end, long emails wind up getting ignored, garnering very little or zero response.

Crafting well-written cold emails is imperative for interest, responses and attention. Remembering who your personas are so you know exactly who you’re reaching out to, identifying yourself clearly in the beginning and end of the email, as well as keeping your email copy crisp and brief will go a long way towards seeing an uptick in your inbox.


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