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When To Post On Social Media (using Facebook Analytics)

Lately, I’ve been diving deep into the analytics and statistics of Facebook campaigns. When I start working with someone, one of the topics we discuss is their target market. Obviously, everyone is in different industries and niches – so shouldn’t your target market be different as well? For example, one company I work with is in the Alzheimer’s and dementia care industry. Their biggest clientele are people with older parents that have memory loss and needs that go beyond what they can do. When figuring out how to reach their target market with the demographics they want, we start to look into the analytics of their business Facebook page. Look, you CAN post at any time of day, but did you know that on average a Facebook post only get seen by 7% of your audience?

So, how can we find when your audience is on Facebook? When you go to your Facebook page, you will see a button that says insights, to me this is the gold. This will tell you everything you need to know about your Facebook page.

When I researched, the actual audience of the Alzheimers and dementia care page, I noticed that the biggest age group they were reaching was between the ages of 45 and 54. This makes a lot of sense because this is an age group also referred to as “the sandwich generation.” They are called that because this age group takes care of their children as well as their aging parents. It’s at this age where their parents might have some memory problems or need some care at home. I also found it interesting that their audience was 77% women, and the adult daughters seem to be the decision-makers and caretakers for their parents. The time of day this audience was looking at the Alzheimer’s and dementia care page was between 9 AM and 10 AM, There also was a big spike after 6 PM. If you think about it, this age group of women tend to be busy in the morning getting kids off to school and preparing for the day. It's around 9:10 AM they finally have time to take a break and maybe go online. The same thing goes for 6 PM or later.

Having this information, you can easily create a social media campaign that fits into your particular target market which will help increase the 7% of your audience and demographic. The answer to the question “What is the best time for my company to post on social media?” - really is different for everybody. It really does matter that you know when your audience is online because then you have the best chance of being seen and heard. Everyone has these statistics; it’s just a matter of taking a look and spending time to customize your campaign.

In addition, really think about the audience you are trying to reach. Take LinkedIn for example. Why are you on LinkedIn? Most people use LinkedIn to create connections with other professionals which will hopefully turn into a lead or warm referral. I like posting on LinkedIn Mondays through Thursdays and leaving Fridays off. The reason is simple: I feel that by Friday, most people are mentally checked out from the week. Making sure that you know and understand your audience by their online behavior is key to having an even more successful social media marketing campaign. It just takes a little research and understanding, but the benefits are worth it

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