When to Begin Holiday Marketing Campaigns (Plus Quick Tips to Start Now!)

There are many things to consider when it comes to the holidays, particularly if you're in charge of a company's marketing. (And, particularly, when you consider the crazy year and a half we've all had.)

You must establish a plan for your holiday marketing, take into account every variable that might make or break your success, and then put that strategy into practice. But at what precise time should you begin your Christmas marketing?

It's a common query among entrepreneurs and marketers, so we've offered a few suggestions (and methods!) to get going. Consider it our gift to you.

When to begin planning your holiday marketing

People seem to begin their Christmas shopping, or at least holiday preparations, earlier and earlier each year. Additionally, analysts believe that this year's buyers will shop early to buy presents before costs rise too much due to the possibility of a recession and record-high inflation. In fact, over 40% of those polled claimed they would start shopping earlier this year because of it.

Thus, you must begin your Christmas marketing preparation early if you want to benefit from the hectic holiday shopping season. Even if you don't have all the specifics worked out on what will happen with your company in November and December, planning your holiday marketing as early as July or August may provide you some insight into what you should be concentrating on in a few months.

What time should you begin your Christmas marketing campaign? The quickest reply is August.

Don't worry if you haven't begun preparing yet. You still have time to develop a winning approach to attract customers this holiday season.

Here are some suggestions to help you launch your Christmas marketing strategy:

  • Start planning any promotions or promos you'll run throughout the holidays.

  • Indicate who and when you wish to target.

  • Choose a few main points you wish to make.

  • Consider the many marketing strategies you wish to use to reach your marketing objectives.

  • Discuss your strategy with your marketing partner to determine how they might aid in execution.

Starting your preparation this early can seem like a difficult endeavor, but you'll thank yourself later when the holidays arrive quickly and furiously a few short months from now.

When to add holiday messages

After the Fourth of July, my neighborhood Target began displaying Halloween decorations. It was a bit odd attempting to buy sunscreen and a cooler for some pool time while surrounded by pumpkins and spooky décor. However, as soon as I saw the Halloween decorations, my thoughts turned to Thanksgiving and the next winter festivities. What should I prepare? What do I want for Christmas? How much cash should I reserve for presents? And it seems natural that they would begin preparing so quickly since that October has managed to creep up on us all.