What Your Logo’s Color Says About Your Company

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Color Psychology and Your Brand

It is hard to believe that out of the myriad of decisions we make getting a new business off the ground the color of the logo could help or even hurt us. According to Fast Company, "Almost 85% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product, and 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition."

Below are some of the basics on color psychology to help you make that choice:

  • Black: People see this color as strength, mystery, sophistication or power.

  • White: Stands for hope, purity, simplicity and goodness.

  • Grey: Is associated with maturity, authoritativeness, stability and security.

  • Red: Is a high stimulation color. It can mean love, anger, passion, romance and hunger. (Think Heinz catsup and McDonalds.)

  • Blue: Is a calming color and expresses the water and gives a sense of confidence, peace and integrity. (Think Facebook, Oral B.)

  • Green: Symbolizes nature, food, good health, renewal, prosperity and life. (Think John Deere and Whole Foods.)

  • Orange: Is another high stimulation color and can bring to mind the sun, heat, energy, balance and warmth. (Think Nickelodeon or Starz.)