11 Great Product Marketing Examples and Lessons We Can Learn From

Updated: Sep 19

The act of introducing a product to consumers is known as product marketing. Isn't that an easy task? I mean, no. The markets are saturated, consumers are choosy, and the competition is severe. Successful brands, however, still need to put in the effort.

But you should take lessons from the finest of both the good and the terrible. As such, let's go over the following in today's article:

  • 10 product marketing examples from top brands like Apple, 3M, Clairol, and more.

  • Why they worked (or why they didn’t).

  • Takeaways you can apply to your own product marketing strategy.

Here’s where to start.

Advertisements for a few products: What's to be commended

You may use the lessons and insights from these successful product marketing examples even if your business is small and/or you have a limited budget. Get motivated by reading on!

1. Mac vs. PC: Apple's Marketing Battle

The name Apple must be mentioned in any discussion of product promotion. Particularly, its Mac vs. PC advertising campaign, which has won an Effie Award, depicts PC (the business suit-wearing man) as perpetually playing catch-up to Mac (the cool, hipster guy).

The commercial has been parodied 66 times, with varying degrees of success, but each version emphasizes the same benefits, including iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, and simplicity. It's obvious that when Apple created the Mac, they were aimi