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The Most Important Step To Getting (and Keeping) New Customers

Everyone wants new customers and there are many opinions on how to get them. It turns out, just following up is one of the most important steps to grow your customer list. You could have the best strategy, flawlessly complete every step but if you don’t follow up you could be losing customers. Following up says you care what your customers think and feel.

Say you’re a widget maker and you did a successful buy-one-get-one free promotion. However, there was no follow up with your customers. That’s a missed opportunity:

  • To get feedback about your product and promotion.

  • To gain possible referrals.

  • Send a note to say thank you. (Some companies send emails instead, either works). Make sure there is contact info in the note so customers can easily reach you with questions or concerns.

  • Check in. It's a good strategy to call clients a week or two after the sale and find out how everything is going. It’s a good time to listen to their needs or opinions and resolve any problems that have cropped up. This is the point where you just listen and chain valuable intel. By listening to customers’ needs and problems, you are gathering invaluable intelligence to create new products or services.

  • Keep the lines of communication open. During the follow up ask for permission for further communication. You can then send your customers value added information they have opted into.

  • Second sale. During the follow up there may be an opportunity for a second sale they could discover just by listening to their experiences with your product or service.

  • Ask for a referral. If your customers have had a good experience they’ll be happy to refer you to their friends, if not you have a great chance to do some market research and find ways to improve.

According to the Harvard Business Review, selling to a new client costs five to 25 times more than to an existing client. By following up you’ll be doing something most companies don’t take the time to do, so follow up, follow up, follow up!


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