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Mortgage Lenders + Brokers: 5 Marketing Strategies

Loan officers and mortgage brokers can use content marketing and other marketing methods to communicate with potential home buyers.

The process of purchasing a home and obtaining financing may be perplexing and stressful; after all, this is likely to be the most costly purchase most people will ever make. Furthermore, the vast array of mortgage financing options—fixed, adjustable, 15-year, 30-year, and so on—can make purchasers feel as if they are reading a different language.

First impressions are crucial for mortgage lenders and brokers, but you may not even be aware that a prospect is considering your company for assistance with a mortgage loan or home refinance until they're close to making a choice. Because of the tight housing market, the majority of house purchasers choose for a loan officer's pre-approval to assist strengthen their offer.

That means it's more crucial than ever to develop an engaging mortgage marketing plan that educates customers and creates trust in your brand so that when they are ready to buy a house, they'll be eager to engage with you. Here are five ways that mortgage brokers and lenders may promote their services so that they are at the forefront of buyers' minds when they are making decisions.

1. Organize informational meetings

Holding instructional seminars, either in person or through webinar, to lead potential home buyers through the process can assist them comprehend the mortgage sector and ensure them that they are in good hands, while also deepening your connection.

Make a point of collecting your participants' contact information at the event so you can add them to your email marketing campaigns and keep the dialogue going until they're ready to buy a house.

When a potential home buyer approaches a real estate agent, the first thing they are likely to be advised to take is to obtain pre-approval for a house loan in order to strengthen their offer. Building ties and connecting yourself with real estate agents and brokerages can pay off in the long run.

2. Team up with real estate experts

Begin with plain old-fashioned networking, such as going to open homes or attending Realtor-sponsored events in your area. You may also think about tailoring website content and email marketing efforts to real estate professionals. They want to appear competent when speaking with their own clients, so give them educational materials that will assist them better comprehend the mortgage industry's nuts and bolts. Furthermore, much like the customer-focused side of your website, you may establish a personal connection by providing broker profiles to reassure agents that their clients are in excellent hands.

3. Establish yourself as a go-to source for local news organizations

Another excellent practice is to use digital marketing platforms to advertise your real estate agent partners. When a sale is completed, congratulate the realtors on social media by tagging them or sharing their new listing with your followers. It's critical to form strong relationships with this essential referral source so that they remember you for future chances.

If you're comfortable with broadcast media, use the similar approach with local radio and television shows, contacting the producers of the morning show or evening newscast, who are constantly seeking for local guests who can discuss pertinent mortgage industry trends. Remember, rather than being unduly self-promotional, your purpose is to provide informative news with their audience.

Being accessible on their schedule is the greatest approach to establish trust with local news outlets—their deadlines are frequently tight, and they will turn to the person who answers the phone first. If you perform successfully, you will be called upon again and again. Remember to share the finished product on your social media networks, website, and email marketing campaigns.

4. Seek out recommendations

Your best source of future business is a happy homebuyer. Naturally, you expect to work with them again in the future, but in the meanwhile, you'd like to solicit business from their family and friends. As a result, after the paperwork are signed, the connection does not terminate. Create a unique follow-up marketing campaign for these crucial connections, including home care recommendations and information on refinancing or taking out a HELOC, to ensure you stay top-of-mind with current clients as the months pass.

Also, remember to collect testimonials to use on your website and in your content marketing. Prospective homeowners would value hearing from a previous customer that you gently guided them to the best option for their needs, then made the entire process painless.

When potential consumers are looking at properties on the internet, they are likely to visit a mortgage lender's website to learn more about the process and determine how much house they can afford. That's where your website has to shine, providing a wealth of information to assist consumers in making an informed selection. Successful websites should include a variety of content types, such as blog content that explains complex terms like amortization and adjustable-rate mortgages to first-time homebuyers; interactive calculators that help consumers understand their home-buying budgets; and opt-in resources, such as eBooks, that allow you to launch an ongoing marketing campaign. Make sure that your marketing activities, which should include a website, are focused on SEO.

5. On your website, create a powerful content portal

Consumers will not give up their email address unless they are persuaded, therefore build a content marketing plan that persuades them. To grow your list of mortgage leads, you'll need to give valuable content—for example, Arcus Lending offers booklets with names like "How to Shop Mortgage Loan Rates Like a Pro" and "Mortgage Preapproval 101." While organic SEO efforts and your current contact list may create some traffic, it's frequently more cost-effective to market your content with targeted Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn ads, or Google PPC ads.

Once you have your prospective clients' email addresses, you can continue to promote your services by delivering relevant, SEO-optimized mortgage industry material throughout the purchase cycle, as well as giving personalized interactions depending on their involvement with your site and content. Consider articles on local housing trends, real estate agent interviews, credit-building techniques to aid with mortgage approval, and information about the many loan programs available.


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