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Marketing Your Law Firm

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The American Bar Association Journal recently published an article written by fellow lawyers, legal professionals and others within the legal industry on how to gain new leads during this global pandemic. They shared some valuable tips on how to thrive and work more efficiently during this time. Prior to COVID-19, many law firms had their marketing message perfected. They knew who their market and ideal client was, and were able to know what’s best for their client.

Fast forward to the United States focusing on survival mode. Perhaps your now working remotely with your clients, uncertain to how the upcoming months will pan out for your practice. With many law firms apprehensively trying to figure out what’s next – here are some marketing pointers to consider:

1. Work On Your Business

Many law firms haven’t returned to their actual office, meaning fewer clients calling. Take this time to spend creating a strategy on how to grow and market your firm. Gain some clarity and get a fresh vision. Learn as much as possible by reading books and watching webinars.

2. Increase Social Media

Everyone is spending more time on social media. Make sure your firm has a presence on every platform possible – that includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Don’t forget to post videos!

3. Hello Facebook Live!

By now, you should be used to video calls and Zoom, So why not take this opportunity and create some videos? I always tell clients that they should take the top 10 questions asked by their clients and make videos on them. They don’t have to be longer than 1-2 minutes. Be sure to post everywhere!

4. Creative Content

Now is the time to write worthwhile content. Try writing articles such as, “Top 10 Questions Clients Ask,” or “Top 7 Mistakes Most People Make in Connection with Their Accident Claim.” By writing these articles and content will capture your audience attention and keep them wanting more.

5. Mobile Friendly

Unfortunately, many law firms don’t have websites optimized for mobile. Since more than 70% of people access the web on their phone, not having your website optimized for a mobile phone can have a potential client hopping off and directed to a website more easy and friendly for them.

Pivoting your firm forward is possible, even during a pandemic. With creative thoughts and efforts, you’ll be able to adjust and grow your law firm. As marketing strategists and creative thinkers, Salty Red Dog Marketing is here to help answer any questions or guide you through this time.


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Westport, CT and Red Bank, NJ. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media and consultations.

Phone: (203) 429-9671

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