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I Tried the AI Headshot Creator “PictureMe” So You Don’t Have To

As an avid fan of watching TikTok videos (ok, and video creator), I constantly saw sponsored videos for the PictureMe app where regular people downloaded the app and “poof” – a LinkedIn proud generated headshot… and I have to say it looked pretty good! How can you take a simple selfie and turn it into looking like a professional headshot? After seeing this ad numerous times, I figured, what do I have to lose? Let’s try it for the sake of social media.

There is no website for PictureMe, only a downloadable app through the Google Play or Apple App Store, which was created by Genova AI Technologies AG. The company is also responsible for creating Magique: AI Avatar Creator, which since its recent launch, has one 1-star rating. PictureMe is moving up in the ranks with more popularity by having 3.3 stars out of 372 ratings to date.

As an Apple user, I punched in PictureMe in the Apple Store and found the app quickly. Showcasing everything the app promises to do.

After downloading the app on my iPhone, I opened the app and went through the litany of – again – promises and how “cutting-edge” this app is.

Again, as a marketer who must immerse herself in the latest technology, I pushed forward.

The app next wanted to know my gender – perhaps to shape my face? My hair?

Next was choosing the style of portraits I wanted.

Blazer, T-Shirt, Blouse, Sweater, Nature, B&W Blazer, B&W T-Shirt, B&W Blouse, B&W Sweater, B&W Nature.

I was able to choose one style to start – for free.

The app asked me to upload five pictures of my face, which I scrolled through my phone and found.

Then another five pictures – and another. Which I completely understood because the app wanted to make sure it caught all my facial expressions and lines of my face. When we take selfies, we don’t normally think we’re taking the photos for this project. I tried to do a wide variety of photos from everywhere. Here are the photos I uploaded into the app:

After I uploaded the pictures, the app told me it would take over an hour (at first) to generate the first pictures. I first chose the B&W T-Shirt.

I was soon shown about 20 different AI-generated portraits of me. Of all the 20, maybe three kinds looked like me. The funny thing was that all the pictures looked like me, about 40 lbs. lighter! Also, my hair was different – some in a short blonde bob, others long curly dark hair. In some pictures, I had a dark kinky afro.

I was able to give feedback on the photos. I replied during the first found of photos that many pictures did not look like me. An auto-generated message apologized and gave me 50 credits to try another portrait. Next, I chose a more professional picture – a Blouse portrait. Again, the AI Generator took its time (perhaps taking my feedback into consideration).

The next round looked a lot better than the first round. I dove more into the portraits and decided to try them all. Ultimately, the app asked me to spend $14.99 for 100 credits.

The results of all the AI-generated portraits were alarmingly good. The face, eyes, and mouth look like me. The hair is curly, even though it has different colors and lengths. The body and face shape look like I’m about 50 lbs. lighter. Here are the results I thought looked the most realistic:

All in all, I look generated. No signature smiles. Eyes and mouth on check. Bottom line? Looks, well generated. One professional photographer commented that my “eyes look lifeless,” which I agree. This is a robotic Sharon, not the real me. But is it inspiration for what I may look like when I grow my hair longer and lose 50 lbs.? Absolutely.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.


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