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I love Design… and Cars *GUEST POST*

I live in a car loving town lucky for me. There are 2-4 car shows in town here each year, all founded and managed by my favorite coffee shop. Coffee is something else I love. This past Sunday I meandered with my black coffee, one of my brothers and my husband around some gorgeous automobiles. The cars come from this town as well as all over. There are no prizes. It’s just a car fans fun get together.

As a graphic designer, my admiration is all about looks and how it enhances function. I don’t know about engines or any of that technical stuff my brother talks about as we wander. This time I particularly found something to love in the 1930s era art deco style cars. The pictures here show an unrestored one with original paint. I love how they stylized the V and eight in 2 places. I also appreciate the style of the steering wheel and how the dashboard reminds me of a vintage radio.

When I do graphic design and web design my focus is on looks of course but never at the expense of function. The same is true of classic, well-designed cars which may be why I attend these shows over and over. I get a chance to see my brother and sometimes one of my sisters (who is also a graphic designer), enjoy some great coffee and see some great design!

Do you love cars too? What types of design do you love and why?

THANK YOU TO OUR GUEST: Patricia Creedon of Patricia Creedon Design. As a creative at an agency where the clients were well-known brands, Patricia got a lot of great experience designing impactful communications to grow those brands.

As President and Founder of Pat Creedon Design, she provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with that same expertise, so they benefit even if they are not nationally known.

Learn more about Pat Creedon Design HERE.


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