How To Support Your Local Small Businesses

Did you know that the average small business has less than 30 days worth of cash on hand? ...and your local mom-and-pop shops can have even less.* Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still having an impact on many small businesses, here's what you can do to help.

Shop Local, Shop Online

About two-thirds of all new jobs in the US come from small businesses.** With only a handful of stores reopening, the ones that aren't still need your support. One way to help your favorite local business, is to see if they have an e-commerce (online store) presence. Just because you may not physically be able to see the shop owner, they are real people with real products and services.

A good way to find local small businesses in your area is by going to websites like You can also look at your local Chamber of Commerce website or local small business group. Other websites such as Etsy and sell items from local artisans.

Gift Cards For Later

Your favorite local shop may be closed or currently have limited hours, but you can still help support them financially. See if they can offer you a gift card for purchase - it can help bring in some revenue to keep the lights on. Many local restaurants and shops have missed out bringing in revenue during the Spring and Summer months, but you can help put money back in their pocket and help keep them afloat.

Delivery or Curbside Pickup