How much does a WIX website really cost?

You're probably considering Wix when you want to create a website without going broke. Wix, one of the most popular free website builders on the internet, enables the creation of a high-quality website at a reasonable price. However, how do Wix's prices compare to those of, say, Squarespace or Weebly? What does Wix really cost when everything is said and done?

One of the platform's biggest advantages, particularly for start-ups and small enterprises, is Wix pricing. However, when you look at the prices of the Wix plans, you're really just looking at the very minimum. Apps are necessary if you want a fully working website, whether or not it is for e-commerce. Additionally, you'll require advertising. Additionally, you'll require appealing, useful design.

So much does a Wix website cost in the end? In this article, we'll examine Wix pricing in detail and explain how much a Wix website truly costs.

Wix pricing: the fundamentals

Wix provides two different types of website plans: non-business plans and plans designed exclusively for businesses, including ecommerce. These are the prices:

Website plans on Wix:

Business and ecommerce website plans:

The more costly the plan, particularly as you go into the higher pricing levels, the more features it includes. For instance, a Basic e-commerce package includes room for your website to host up to five hours of video. The Pro and Enterprise subscriptions allow for infinite hours of video, but the Unlimited ecommerce plan only allows for up to 10 hours. Storage space is provided in increments of 20GB for a Basic ecommerce plan, 35GB for an Unlimited plan, and 50GB for a Pro plan.

A custom domain name and round-the-clock customer service are features that come with all Wix plans as standard. You can learn more about the features included in each Wix price plan here.

Yes, Wix has a free version, but creating a real, expert website might be difficult with it. In addition to Wix advertising being shown on your website, the free edition of Wix prevents you from using your own domain name or favicon, accepting payments online, or using Google Analytics.

What is required for your Wix site?

Although the Wix interface's basic functionality may absolutely be used to operate a website, you'll likely need some add-ons to run a useful company website.

You'll need these things for pretty much every professional website:

  • Analytics for Visitors