Big Budgets vs. Smart + Creative Marketing

A good marketer knows you don't always have to have a flashy budget to produce great results. As the age-old saying goes, "Don't work harder, work smarter." Here are a few smart and creative ideas:

Social Listening Tools

Employing the use of a social listening tool such as Brandwatch, Hootsuite's social insights feature, or even googling your company name will bring up mentions of your company in online pubs. From there, you can contact the editor and ask for a link back to your website driving up your traffic.

Get Yourself Quoted

There is a wonderful service out there called HARO (Help a Reporter Out). When you sign up for this service, you get access to the stories reporters are working on. If the story is in your field, you can contact them, offer your expertise, and even be quoted in the story. If you get quoted often enough, soon you will be seen as a trusted source.

Invite Fans to Share their Experience

Writing a blog for your website is another wonderful way to draw people to you as a go-to person for good information in your field. However, you don’t always have to be the one supplying its content.

Suppose your company makes a great widget and has a good following? Why not invite fans to write about their experiences with your widget. Post the best stories on your blog. Soon you will have lots of offers for free content. Your customers will also become more connected and loyal to your company. You could even begin by starting it as a contest. The best entry is the one that you feature on your blog.

Contests Get