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5 Valentine's Day Marketing Techniques to Try Right Now

One of the largest business possibilities for marketers is Valentine's Day.

You need to take advantage of this romantic occasion for your business since it is anticipated that spending will total $22 billion in the US alone this year.

However, not all Valentine's Day marketing strategies are successful in e-commerce. They don't also work for every company.

You'll find 5 practical Valentine's Day marketing ideas for e-commerce companies in this article. There is no filler or supposition here; simply tried-and-true concepts based on brands you can emulate for this year and beyond.

1. Utilize targeted pop-ups

Every holiday sale, whether it be for Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day, needs a focused email list with a large number of interested subscribers.

Popups are the most efficient way to gather high-quality emails on your site without degrading the user experience, regardless of the season (as long as you abide by established practices).

The weeks before Valentine's Day are the ideal time to expand your email list with early access, a contest, or a pop-up discount.

Offering early access to the sale, as described above, works just fine if you don't want to guarantee other perks in your email popup—an additional discount code, free delivery, etc.

When the huge Valentine's Day sale is about to begin, you can then make a marketing popup that directs users to the product categories where the deal is taking place:

A popup similar to the one above is essential, particularly if you have a specific landing page for the sale or are just discounting particular items for Valentine's Day.

2. Hold a Valentine's Day sales event

Running a sales campaign is one approach to stand out from the competition in a market where millions of people buy for gifts online.

While a compelling price is essential for a successful sales campaign, how, when, and where you market your items are even more crucial.

The most effective method to do it is to combine sales popups with marketing emails.

Check out this subject line Kate Spade uses to announce its Valentine’s Day sale:

By providing its consumers an additional 30% off its sale items, Kate Spade shows how much it values her clients. This kind of email is a clever method to engage your email list at a time when people are going to do their holiday shopping.

Kate Spade positions her sale promotion as a gift to you, but Misfit adopts a different tack:

Misfit deftly reframes Valentine's Day into a day of self-love, in contrast to the majority of businesses that encourage you to indulge your Valentine.

The business encourages you to put yourself first and offers goods to achieve that:

It's a clever approach to Valentine's Day marketing, particularly if your goods aren't necessarily giftable.

3. Provide more advantages

While practically every company provides Valentine's Day specials, additional promotions, like free delivery, can set your business apart from the competition. After all, one of the main elements influencing online shoppers' purchasing decisions is the availability of free delivery.

Thoughtfully pitch free delivery as a limited-time offer with a feeling of urgency if you are unable to afford to do so, like Madsen Cycles:

Even though cargo bikes aren't the conventional Valentine's Day presents, Madsen Cycles discovers a connection between its goods and this holiday. They provide free delivery to their members "now until Valentine's Day" in this email.

It's a strong inducement that may be used for any holiday, especially for goods that require more expensive shipping.

On the other side, Estee Lauder promotes free delivery around Valentine's Day to upsell:

Estee Lauder requests a minimum purchase of $75 in order to qualify for free 2-day delivery and to receive your ideal present on time. Before promising delivery by Valentine's Day, the corporation cleverly moves you to a higher price point and boosts conversions.

Offer complimentary gift-wrapping as an added perk to spare them from more hassle if you want to bolster your position even more.

4. Display Your Delivery Dates

Delivery is always a sore point for internet customers, no matter the season. However, the holiday gift-giving season makes it an even more delicate issue.

Delivery timings are usually the first thing someone looks for when purchasing a present for a special someone (to be given on a particular day).

Make your delivery dates obvious and prominent on your website, in pop-up windows, and in emails if you want to attract Valentine's Day consumers.

Additionally, don't forget to provide the final day that clients may place purchases for Valentine's Day or the estimated delivery date.

Take a cue from Calvin Klein, which accomplishes that in their emails:

The business inserts a message to the bottom of this email after urging you to purchase a classic Valentine's Day gift and suggesting a few items:

It's a small change that has a big impact on potential customers who are thinking about making a purchase from the business.

It's crucial to explain to your consumers how your shipping alternatives will operate during this time of year if you have a variety to choose from. Check out this MeUndies illustration to see what that may resemble:

The opening of this Valentine's Day email is typical. However, when you continue reading the email, you come to the next section where MeUndies explains what these various delivery options entail for you:

This aids the business in making it simpler for you to comprehend your selections and effectively communicate when you may anticipate receiving your goods.

Take note of the company's attention to detail, which includes noting the final hour you should submit your purchase to ensure timely delivery.

If you wish to provide comparable information to website users, you may make a popup that only appears on your product pages:

You may enhance conversions by including a countdown timer in your popup like the one shown above to evoke a feeling of urgency.

5. Market Useful Products

Gifts for Valentine's Day are inherently different from gifts for Christmas or birthdays. You wouldn't equate love, hearts, and glitter with other holidays, but Valentine's Day is all about those things.

Valentine's Day is the best opportunity to advertise any items you sell with that theme as great gift ideas. Check out this email from Cotton Bureau marketing the heart-printed t-shirts it is selling on this day:


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