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30 Facts About Marketing to Start Your Day

Did you know that a cave picture from circa 4200 B.C. had one of the first examples of content marketing?

Marketing has existed for ages! It just involves communicating to individuals that you have something they may need.

The following are some of my favorite fun marketing facts:

  • 85% of people prefer to provide their email for an ebook instead of a tweet.

  • Compared to periodicals, blogs are 63% more likely to have an impact on purchasing choices.

  • Five times as much traffic comes to businesses that blog more than 15 times each month.

  • A page that ranks in the top 10 has a 2000-word content length average.

  • A post that is longer than 1,500 words gets 22.6% more likes on Facebook and 68.1% more tweets.

  • Images increase page views by 94% for articles.

  • Conversions may rise by 86% when videos are included on landing pages.

  • Compared to regular posts, videos get 267% more links.

  • Within the first 90 seconds, 58% of your viewers will quit viewing the video.

  • 80% of people will watch a video with the same exact material compared to 20% who will read the text.

  • Only 10% of what viewers read is retained, compared to 58% of what they see.

  • On the way to making a purchase, the typical consumer reads 11 customer reviews.

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