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Must-Have Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

“There’s an app for that!”

Yes, we hear this daily. In fact, apps are so crucial to the day-to-day of people’s lives, it’s a wonder we ever lived without them in the first place. However, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, apps can be game-changing in terms of helping with organization, structure, and business operations. So while Angry Birds is a fun distraction while riding Amtrak, we’re going to delve into some important apps for your phone or tablet that can help you run your enterprise efficiently and more effectively.

It’s always easy to get lost within the busy minutes of your day, which is why productivity apps are essential for small business owners. According to Entrepreneur, “Productivity apps will help you measure and improve and enable you to complete more tasks in less time.” Some of the more popular productivity apps from 2019 are: Evernote, Pocket, SandBox, X1 Search—as well as countless others. Utilize these to say no to distraction and hello to enhance overall productivity.

In the realm of remote work, team collaboration apps are becoming more and more common just to get everyone on the same page—literally! These apps ensure that projects and people can be managed from a remote location. They allow you to connect with employees and coworkers, share files, video chat and much more. As example of some of these might be Trello, Dropbox and Slack.

Finally, content bookmarking apps are not just for busy businesspeople, but everyone who comes across information online and needs to mark it so they don’t forget. How many times have you come across valuable information in an article or website that you’d like to return to at a different time? After all, you’re an entrepreneur, you have a million things going on inside your head at one time, you can’t remember everything you read and also remember to feed the dog every morning! An example of some of these might be Pocket, Instapaper, Flipboard and even Digo. Safari Reading can be useful if you’re working off a Mac, as can the “Send to Kindle” app.

More than likely, if someone asks you, “Is there an app for that?” you will probably hear a “yes.” Thankfully, there’s an app to help meet the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, too. ________________________________________________

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