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Digital Video Advertising: The Next Big Thing

Let’s face it, when you’re online nowadays, what is the medium you are engaging with the most? If you’re answering honestly, you will probably say video. That’s right, video has dominated the Internet and the digital advertising sphere for years now and it appears to only increase in the coming decade, solidifying its position as the true frontrunner in marketing.

Video is a critical driver of website traffic that can affect your brand in a positive way. Just look at sites that are already shifting to video production from digital wordsmithing. Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, The New York Times—these are highly successful sites that produce quality videos for consumers daily. Just look at YouTube! It’s gone from a niche place to watch funny videos to a primary source of television, news and entertainment for many millennials. (Not to mention they’ve begun their own original programming!) In 2017 alone, users watched over one billion hours of video on YouTube alone.

Snapchat and Instagram feature video stories on both platforms as a way to engage consumers on a daily basis. These are ways to personally connect with social media followers with inventive and engaging videos. Naturally, these have countless advantages, since videos portray an emotional appeal. They speak right to your heart and appeal to sensibilities that words on a screen do not.

The end of 2018 saw mobile ad spending reach $7 billion; 2019 will only see an increase. Digital video advertising works in all sectors and industries, especially with B2B and B2C. Is it any coincidence it will become the dominant marketing technique for the next decade?

Strive to create personal and authentic video content to help promote your company or brand. This endears consumers to you and also allows them to feel a part of the journey. Remember that these ads can pop up on any device—be it a tablet, phone or laptop—and can be accessed all over the world. We best embrace this change and not shun it so we can reap the benefits as small business owners and online marketers!


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