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Top 4 Summer Digital Marketing Tips

Summer can be a challenging time for many businesses, as they often see decreases in sales, otherwise known as “the summer slump.” Many consumers are away on vacation and wanting to focus on family and friends, avoiding time on the computer where they might come into contact with a given brand. However, it’s important to do all you can to boost sales during the summer months, so here are four game-changing tips.

Who knows? With these tips under your belt, you could have the best few months of business you’ve had yet!

Utilize summer holidays. We often forget that there are a handful of noteworthy holidays in the summer that are worth capitalizing on from a sales point of view. For example: Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Back to School and Labor Day, just to name the more prominent ones. These holidays are an ideal time for marketing promotions and campaigns. Also, remember that consumers often look for deals around the holidays—they even expect it. So live up to the expectations and get them to take purchasing action!

Enhance social media. Often times during the summer we are more likely to be scrolling on social media on our phones rather than sitting at our laptops. After all, what else are you doing on the beach when you want a second away from the bright sunshine? Enhance your social media with a fun “summer vibe” that people can relate to while taking some time off.

Try Facebook and Google retargeting. This type of retargeting allows you to reveal targeted ads to consumers who have previously visited your site. Did you know that on average, a consumer will visit a site nine times before actually making a purchase? Utilizing this tool will only help boost sales and remind them of the value of your brand.

New content. No one likes recycling the same boring content, no matter what platform it’s on. Give your content game plan a face lift during the summer months, utilizing keywords and SEO to reach your optimal audience.

Summer can be an exciting time to seize the moment and ramp up your marketing plan; failing to do so can result in disappointing income. Incorporate these four tips into your summer online advertising plan of attack and you’re sure to win big!


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