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Virtual Reality & Online Marketing: The 411

Virtual reality may feel like something from a science fiction movie, but more and more, it’s becoming a viable tool for online advertising. The advent of social media a number of years ago brought about many changes in this sphere, proving to be an absolute staple for small businesses aiming to enhance their brand’s scope and reach. Could virtual reality (VR) follow in the same footsteps?

Those who are looking towards the future seem to think so—and already, it’s becoming utilized as a current tool. Ikea, for example, allows customers to utilize elements of VR to see for themselves if particular furniture items would go well in homes, rooms and spaces. Certainly the benefits of this exciting new technology can stretch out far beyond the home design sphere and benefit a spectrum of industries and sectors. But just what exactly is it about VR that excites consumers so much?

Virtual reality fascinates consumers, enabling them to assess a particular product prior to making an actual purchase. Being able to see for yourself a product’s size and dimensions can help you better make a decision about its role in your life. Currently, promotional videos showcase products—often from a 360-degree angle (such as Zappos)—but taking it a step further puts more knowledge in the hands of the consumer, better facilitating an informed purchasing decision.

VR has an emotional appeal, in large part because it’s so visceral. When we see and nearly feel a product in our hands, it makes us more intrinsically connected to it, often times enabling a purchase—sometimes without the rationale that tells us we should hold back on purchasing! The sensory components of this technology allow products to be remembered as experiences, making us believe anything is possible.

More and more, as this creatively captivating technology catches on, more and more businesses will adopt it as a practice. VR is a highly enticing means of engaging consumers, spreading your product reach and promoting the word-of-mouth reputation of your brand. If it feels like something far off in a science fiction movie—think again—virtual reality just around the corner.


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