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Top Tips For Making Top Tier Online Marketing Videos

Video that’s both recorded and streaming is top-of-mind in 2019 when it comes to digital advertising. Customers love it and why shouldn’t they? It’s engaging, it’s easier than reading on your mobile device and it also allows them to connect with your company or brand nearly instantaneously.

When approaching a video strategy for your online marketing game plan this year, it’s valuable to remember a handful of important tips. We’re going to briefly dive into some of them in this article so you can walk away with a better understanding of how to approach video with your marketing output.

Always tell a story. This is number one for a reason—people become engaged with stories, not video testimonials that are “salesly” or lack a certain emotional core. An effective video always—always tells a story!

Emphasize the mission more and the product less. It’s easy to become consumed with the product you’re selling, but when it comes to video and marketing—well, prospective customers want to know more about your overall mission. Dove has done an exceptional job at this with their marketing campaigns, harnessing the value of emotional videos that go viral because of their human appeal.

It’s important your video is mobile-friendly. With over 50% of Internet users doing so by a handheld device, it’s imperative that your video is mobile-friendly and can be easily watched on a smart phone. YouTube reports that mobile video consumption increases by 100% each year, meaning digital advertisers need to keep up!

Include a call to action. It’s important that your video urges a consumer to take further action by the end of the video, either by signing up for an email list or visiting a website. When constructing the video, ask yourselves: What do we want the potential customer ultimately to do? That will help shape and refine your call to action and finding its rightful place within your content.

Overall, video in the world of online marketing is here to stay, which means you and your company need to jump on the bandwagon. Hopefully, these top tips have brought about some insight and guidance as you move forward with an effective game plan and video strategy!


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