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The Power of Positivity in Social Media Marketing

We all want to have a powerful social media marketing presence, but just exactly how to do so is always a topic of conversation and debate. After all, people spend more time on their phones and specifically platforms like Facebook and Instagram than they do in front of a television, making a brand’s presence in these networks vital for awareness and growth. But have you stopped to think about the impact a positive spin and approach can have on your social media marketing game plan?

When deciding how to go about placing your brand on Instagram and Facebook, think specifically about how you can include as many people as you can in your weekly or daily posting. By bringing in diverse individuals into your positive marketing approaches, involvement and enthusiasm can become more organic—not to mention contagious! People always like to feel that they are a part of something larger; thankfully, this particular approach to social media marketing addresses that.

Another approach to positive social media marketing is keeping things simple. You’ll notice that many successful Instagram posts pique curiosity without an excess of hashtags and convoluted text. Think about the ways in which you can streamline your social media presence by keeping your posts interesting, yet simple. Remember—simple can also be disruptive in a very positive way, as well!

For example, have you heard of Eugene the Egg? It’s a popular profile from the Instagram handle world_record_egg that has literally posted a photo of an uncracked egg with more than 42 million likes. No one knows the person behind the account, yet the sight of this simple image is bringing viewers to their feet. Think about it—if a simple egg can garner this much popularity, with some concerted effort—so can your brand!

In the end, you have choose on a social media strategy that aligns with your brand’s interests and marketing goals. Stay positive in your approach so that you can reach the greatest number of potential customers most effectively. After all, positivity sells!


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Darien & Westport, CT. We service businesses with marketing strategies, social media and consultations.


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