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Businesses Should Prepare For Video Storytelling in 2019

If you ask anyone what one of the biggest marketing trends will be in 2019 they will undoubtedly tell you—video story telling.

Generally speaking, story-telling leaves an impression, an impact, a real mark; video story telling can do that and much more. After all, when you have someone looking at you in the camera telling you directly what they think and feel—don’t you have a better chance of disseminating information? According to recently published data by Forrester Research, the information absorbed through just 60 seconds of online video is equivalent to 1.8 million words—that’s right, 1.8 million words!

Clearly, video story telling is one of if not the most efficient way to deliver your brand message and mission statement, making it a vital part of marketing in 2019. But specifically, what are some of the advantages of video story telling other than what the data tells us?

First and foremost, video story telling offers critical information about a business, its brand and specific products. Videos educate and explain. Wordstream claims that viewers actually retain 95% of a message when they watch it on a short video as compared to just 10% in text. This makes portraying a myriad of information, such as case studies, testimonials and even how-to’s truly optimized when in the form of a video.

Additionally, video story telling cultivates authentic brand loyalty. Just picture your favorite childhood TV show or TV personality; didn’t the fact you were watching them on camera with a backdrop of beautiful colors and smart editing make you all the more endeared to them? Video story telling engages customers in a way that warms their hearts, furthering their commitment to your business and brand.

Finally, video story telling helps customers with brand recall. Clearly, all of the data previously mentioned reveals this—specifically that videos help viewers retain information easier than in text—but furthermore, devising a visual story helps keep your brand in customers’ minds. (Naturally, this can come in handy when faced with stiff market competition, right?)

In the end, video story telling helps people associate your company and brand with a positive emotion. The human brain works visually and evocative story telling on camera helps people connect how they feel with the service or product you are offering. While some marketing fads come and go, what is indisputable is that video story telling is here to stay in 2019—and more than likely, far beyond.

Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Darien, CT & NYC. We service businesses with marketing strategies, social media and consultations.


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