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Marketing Trend: Interactive Marketing

One of the biggest marketing trends (and also the most engaging) this year is interactive social media. So, what exactly is interactive social media? Think of it this way, most of the time when you post on different platforms, you hope at most to get a few likes, clicks or even a comment (if the reader has the time). A post that is more interactive and engaging has become a top trend seen all around the marketing world, and should be a top priority for your business.

How do you get more interactive on social media? Example: How many times do you scroll and stop to answer a question, or comment on a social matter It could be anywhere from a restaurant recommendation to your favorite vacation spot. People want their voices to be heard and contribute to an in-depth conversation. The whole point is to have your audience engaged and interact with what you have to say. This will increase the engagement on your post, therefore, keeping your content high up in your follower’s newsfeed. As people start to LIKE and COMMENT, other users will see this particular post has a high number of comments and they will instinctively click to see what’s going on and what’s being said.

It’s also very important that you stay in the conversation. Don’t just post a question and not expect to interact yourself. After all, you were the one with the question – why wouldn’t you want to share your own opinion?

Make sure that when you’re thinking of something engaging to post, that you include a photo or something visual to post along with it. This will attract the attention of your followers and also your audience. Stay specific in your industry, but be a little creative and fun! For example, if you’re in Real Estate, ask your audience a question like, “What’s been your biggest hassle with moving?” People will be more than happy to share their stories and experiences. Others will be happy to comment, sympathize or laugh along. This will also be your time to shine, by giving your recommendations and advice, showcasing that you’re an expert in your industry.

If you’re in the beauty industry, you might want to ask people about some of their biggest issues, such as if they suffer from oily skin, or maybe have dark spots? You can comment on their answers and possibly target a specific audience and suggest a product for them.

Another great way to post engaging content for interactive marketing, would be to also link your blog or article you've written in a post. For health & fitness professionals, write about a recent fitness trend. “How many people have tried P90X? Or the Biggest Loser Challenge?” Then direct them to check out your blog about the latest fitness trends, which will lead them to your website – that’s the goal, isn’t it?

There is so much content out there on social media, we tend to just scroll through until we find something interesting. Make sure that you’re asking questions and engaging your audience with topics of interest or that are trending. The subject may already be on people’s mind – so why not start a conversation about it? This will also help you learn more about your target audience and their needs.

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