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13 Innovative Holiday Marketing Techniques for 2022

In general, holiday spending trends are surprising. Additionally, it is crucial for all businesses. So, in order to control company income, it is now vital to significantly improve your holiday marketing activities.

By fostering relationships with consumers, a well-thought-out Christmas marketing campaign will aid in boosting sales and customer retention. Typically, $685 billion of the $807 billion spent on Christmas shopping goes toward buying gifts and other holiday-related goods.

55% of customers started their Christmas buying before Thanksgiving in 2021, while 31% started their shopping before Halloween. The goodwill is growing. This implies that you need think about advertising and promotional initiatives if you want to improve your holiday profits.

Some tried-and-true techniques from prior years, however, may not be successful this time. Together, the three of us have experienced a tremendous lot. As the circumstances evolved, so did people's lives and relationships with companies. A straightforward giveaway or a short-lived special offer could no longer be sufficient since people will now search for businesses that concentrate on problems and are trusted by social media influencers in addition to outstanding discounts.

When customers are eager to spend money on last-minute shopping or when they are making plans for the next year and investigating vendors for certain goods or services, a great marketing campaign may capture their attention. You have an advantage over your clients if you're on their thoughts constantly.

Offer the highest quality customer service.

While the holidays are a happy time of year, they can also be stressful, particularly when it comes to shopping for gifts. However, by offering practical advice and methods to make their experience more delightful, your business may allay customer worry.

Think of a supermarket.

To make holiday cooking relatively simple, your business may provide material that includes straightforward vacation recipes. In addition to giving customers useful information, this information would persuade individuals to shop at your grocery store for additional food.

You should focus on developing relevant content for your company that addresses both customer needs and your products or services. Take into account how this will benefit and help your customers before producing holiday content.

It's important to explain how, from a commercial perspective, your product will benefit consumers. But if it doesn't make sense, you shouldn't promote your products to people. If you force readers to use your service or purchase your goods, they won't become consumers.

Make a gift guide that is interactive.

A gift guide is always a good idea. It's chaotic because people constantly have to fit Christmas shopping into their ever-growing to-do lists. As a consequence, finding the ideal present will be simple and fast for your customers.

While traditional gift categories like "For Her" and "For a Coworker" are acceptable, grouping things by interest and identity might make your guide even more helpful. If people can immediately identify a contribution for their favorite "foodie" or "dog-lover," they will be grateful. Keep in mind that by helping your customers in this way, you are also shortening the distance between the assistance and the buying basket.

Start implementing your marketing plan as soon as you can.

Too many firms delay when creating a holiday marketing strategy. Your target market should be thinking about your business and their Christmas buying before December. Because of this, your team has to start preparing for its seasonal advertising campaign in August or September. An early start to a holiday marketing campaign is also possible, far before November or December.

The competition is especially stifling during the holiday season. As a result, your customers' inboxes will be overrun with limited-time offers and unique New Year advertising efforts. There's nothing wrong with joining the crowd, but why not start something new if you want to stand out?

Sending your clients a list of things to do while on vacation is one option (with a few links to your products or services). It's a simple yet effective Christmas advertisement that offers lots of opportunities to remind people about your product and entice them to purchase from you without coming off as excessively sales.

While many consumers like to shop last minute, others prefer to purchase presents in advance. Send out seasonal specials and vacation marketing to attract this population in advance. You may convince these early adopters to purchase your goods by using this tactic.

Create distinctive email marketing campaigns for the holidays.

The competition is especially severe around the holidays, and your customers' inboxes will be overrun with exclusive New Year advertising campaigns and limited bargains. While getting on board is perfectly OK, why not do something new if you want to stand out?

You might, for instance, send a vacation to-do list to your customers (with a few links to your products or services). It's a straightforward but wonderful Christmas advertisement that doesn't seem too salesy but yet offers many opportunities to remind people about your business and entice them to buy from you.

Boost the efficiency of your mobile marketing strategy.

More than 61% of all online traffic to retail websites came from mobile devices.

This demonstrates that mobile shopping is preferred by the majority of consumers. You should instead concentrate on developing a lethal holiday mobile marketing strategy since you cannot ignore the power of mobile devices. Mobile sales are usually astronomically high during the Christmas season. Holiday-specific mobile app optimization may boost sales conversions and demonstrate excellent customer service.

For instance, Walmart updated its mobile SEO strategy and gave app downloaders an early look at impending promotions.

  • A/B testing may help you provide the greatest mobile marketing experience to customers.

  • When you optimize your message, keep in mind the onsite user experience. For instance, it might take a while to complete forms on a mobile device. Your physical customer experience may be enhanced by expanding mobile CTAs.

Consider employing video advertising in your vacation marketing.

What advantages does including video in your holiday marketing offer?

Because sending a video Christmas greeting is the best method to do it. Not simply your items but also your complete brand may be promoted via video marketing.

It has been shown that video efforts improve mean order value, and 64% of customers said that seeing an advertisement video on Facebook affected their decision to make a purchase.

Get creative, whether it's a joyful webinar invitation video sent via email, a video put to your custom website to wish all of your customers a happy Christmas, or a funny video shared on social media. You may employ video in your Christmas marketing activities to generate cheers.

Here are some suggestions for Christmas video marketing:

  • Easily create a festive theme by using motion graphics, text treatments that seem like they are on vacation, music with bells, and other elements.

  • Customize your CTA. Make festive CTAs for a range of audiences and occasions. As the Christmas gift-giving season approaches, think about infusing a feeling of urgency in your marketing.

Free gift wrapping is available.

With the exception of a few packing fans, no one particularly enjoys wrapping gifts. It may be a little gesture, but offering to do this for your consumers is unquestionably appreciated.

Aside from improving the company's image, this could raise people's knowledge of social media. These days, people share their unboxings on Facebook and Instagram, which could raise the worth of your clientele.

Run paid campaigns as Holiday marketing strategies.

The ease with which consumers may make purchases online has made their lives simpler. Due to features like comparison and comprehensive research, shopping has improved.

It is essential for your company to be active online and stand out from the competition, given the rise in online buying. What strategic strategy should you then adopt in order to raise your return on investment (RoI) and raise awareness? A sponsored advertising campaign is the answer.

You may run sponsored advertisements on well-known internet platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn regardless of your industry. A fantastic source of seasonal information is Google Ads. You may design a campaign that specifically targets people in a certain area.

If you offer women's apparel, for instance, you can choose to focus on keywords like "beautiful presents for moms" or "trendy holiday ensembles." Then, create landing pages and tailored adverts. These landing pages provide customers reasons to visit your business over the holiday season.

Thanks to your clients.

During the holiday season, customers may spend a significant amount of time considering what and where they want to spend their money on presents. Because of this, even regular and devoted consumers could purchase elsewhere over the Christmas season.

Keep your business at the front of consumers' thoughts if you want to draw in new and repeat business. Emphasizing appreciation is a fantastic holiday marketing tactic for maintaining customers that are totally and firmly committed to your business.

Customers should know how valuable they are to your business. While there are many methods to express gratitude to clients, sending an email or a physical card are two simple actions that might persuade them to spend their vacation shopping with your business.

Give VIP customers quick access.

Give your subscribers early access to Christmas discounts as a reward. By doing this, you may persuade customers to purchase before the holidays. Your registered users will have a sense of exclusivity as they may locate a fantastic price right now, before everyone else.

How might granting early access improve the effectiveness of your Christmas marketing plan?

  • Provide early access to your premium customers - Providing early access to your premium customers entails keeping your ideal client happy with special holiday offers and promotions.

  • Amuse your customers - Giving VIP customers a feeling of exclusivity and special treatment will make them happy and keep them as customers for a long time.

  • Start selling early - Starting early, before the Christmas rush, is advantageous. Managing and placing orders before the Christmas season is made easier.

By automatically sending them promotions with a great discount that is just accessible to them, you can also thank your regular customers. To generate excitement before the holiday season officially starts, you may also provide special bargains to customers who engage by sharing their experiences, photos, reviews, and early-bird discounts on social media.

Distribute freebies

Although a lot of consumers are interested in buying presents, they are also drawn to the thought of getting something for themselves. Because of this, a gift card or free item offer is a very successful holiday marketing strategy in 2022.

With this strategy, you may persuade customers to spend a lot of money with your business in addition to purchasing your goods. Offering a complimentary item with a $50 purchase, for instance, motivates customers to make large purchases. They indulge and spend $50 on a thing rather than $25.

Make the award free shipment if your business is cautious to provide freebies.

Utilize hashtags.

Since over 81% of individuals have a social media profile, you won't want to miss the opportunity to use these platforms to connect with potential clients and influence existing ones. Make sure your social media advertising is prepared for the holiday if you currently utilize it.

How might social media be included into your holiday marketing strategy?

On social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, use hashtags. Although hashtags are available for usage on Facebook, they aren't as common or beneficial there. Therefore, it makes sense to limit your usage of hashtags to sites that benefit from them.

To get the word out about your deals and promotions, utilize hashtags. Developing a tagline that users may use when posting a photo or status about your good or service is another way to promote user-generated content.

Additionally, because hashtags are easy to remember, potential buyers will have no trouble remembering your brand. By using the appropriate hashtags, you may also connect with new customers who are looking for the ideal present this holiday season.

For best results, pay attention to industry trends in shopping. What seems to be top-of-mind for your consumers this Christmas season? Use hashtags on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to increase the buzz around your company.

Important components of holiday market advertising include:

  • Specify who your target market is.

    • After determining and segmenting your target audience, learn specific information about them.

    • Find out what channels are best for them to use to consume data. Do they favor using a desktop computer or a mobile device to access information?

    • To make wise marketing choices for holiday promotions, use these insights.

Set goals for yourself.

Once you have an understanding of your target demographic and have examined prior holiday marketing groups, you can establish reasonable targets for the following holiday season. Your objectives will become more customer-focused as a result of the insights, and you’ll make the most money possible from Christmas consumers.

Examine the last Christmas marketing effort.

You may better understand the behaviors of your target audience by reviewing the results of past holiday projects. You may get a deeper comprehension of earlier patterns and how they influenced the development of your company. Using all available data can help define the goals for a more successful holiday marketing strategy.

KPIs ought to be assessed.

Once your holiday marketing and promotion goals have been established, you must specify your major business KPIs in terms of reaching a certain percentage of overall growth. You must identify the customer engagement procedures and tools necessary to interact with customers right away across their chosen channels if you want to provide an exceptional holiday customer care experience.

Obtain Social Influencers' Support

Customers purchase from companies they believe in, but they buy from individuals they believe in much more. Recent statistics show that celebrity endorsements have a ROI that is 11 times greater than that of traditional banner advertisements.

The fact that this kind of marketing works with all budgets is its best quality. With the rise of micro-influencers (followers between 5,000 and 20,000) and nano-influencers (followers between 1,000 and 5,000), you may profit from this stream without investing a lot of money.

When creating your Christmas or New Year's social media promotion strategy, take into account the following:

Facebook is thought to be less effective than Instagram and TikTok, which are the two main competitors. Make sure to do so in advance if you intend to send free products for review. Influencers will then have time to use them and review them in time for those early clients.

Choose sincerity. Because of this, you shouldn't consider influencers to be a separate ad stream. Consider them as creative collaborators and give them some freedom instead. The message will sound more legitimate and trustworthy when it is conveyed in the influencer's distinctive style.

Utilize a customer's emotions

The trips bring back a variety of feelings, including joy and fond recollections.

By appealing to these emotions, a good Christmas marketing plan may encourage customers to utilize your business for their holiday shopping.

When creating your vacation marketing plan, pay close attention to the emotional appeal of your content. Share intriguing and motivating messages on social media, for instance, or give an inside peek at how your business celebrates the holidays, to arouse powerful emotions.

Make use of items that have been well prepared.

You don’t need to start from scratch since some businesses provide a broad selection of festive designs and other digital items.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make your plans.

Everyone has heard that everything is achievable if you work all night before the deadline. But if we didn’t have to, wouldn’t we be more content and relieved?

Customer retargeting is necessary.

A startling 96% of visitors will leave a website without making a purchase. This indicates that just four out of every hundred visitors to your website really make a purchase. But you may alter it using email marketing and remarketing campaigns.

You may send a follow-up email to a customer who submits their email address but does not finish their purchase. This email encourages the recipient to complete their purchase by reminding them that they still have an item in their shopping cart. On the other hand, a retargeting ad campaign focuses on visitors to your website before. Nevertheless, given the size of that group, you may focus your viewer's attention on only one product page.

It's one of the top holiday marketing campaign strategies since it capitalizes on customers' curiosity and anticipation.

Simply said, create a marketing plan that delivers flash sales periodically or at set periods to keep people coming back. While offering a discount of between 10% and 20% can spark some curiosity, the most successful flash sales offer steep discounts. How can you provide significant discounts and yet turn a profit? Offer only a few of the discounted products for a brief period of time.

How may flash sales and promotions aid the success of your holiday marketing strategy?

For this marketing strategy to be effective, advance preparation is essential to choose which discounts and special prices to advertise as flash sales.

Make loud announcements on important channels - Be sure to shout out about the flash deals on social media, your website, and through email.

Create a buzz - Emphasize fresh offers to heighten interest and entice buyers.

Regardless of how you remarket your business, it is essential for your organization to comprehend each user's motivations. Look at the reasons why a person ended up abandoning your website. Some users may have bought your stuff, but your website made it practically hard for them to do so. You must thus pay special attention to both the operation of your website and your marketing strategy.


Although the Christmas season may be the busiest time of year for marketing firms, it's also a fantastic opportunity to boost year-end sales and brand recognition. The holidays are a great time to put effort into connecting emotionally with your target audience. Additionally, you can always accelerate transition if you know how to raise client involvement. We really hope that our list has helped you find a fantastic vacation campaign concept. It's time to start taking your planning seriously now! Just keep in mind to enjoy yourself while doing it.

By separating your consumers for a more customized experience, you are positioning yourself for maximum success throughout the next Christmas season. You can do this by making your campaigns simple to share and offering fantastic bargains across all of your social media platforms.


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