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"As anyone who knows me understands that branding & networking to grow my business via social media has been a top priority of mine since the day I started real estate over 5 years ago. A special thanks to Sharon Arena from Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC for thinking outside the box when it comes to engaging content for my network of people who connect with me via Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn. I invite you to connect with her for your branding & social media needs." - CraigO!

"I felt so warmly about you personally and professionally. You really practice what you preach— excellent at connecting with people. I will definitely recommend you to those who need your great expertise in social media." - Faith K.

"I want to thank Sharon Arena from Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC for helping me rebuild my travel website! It's really helped me streamline all the information I had and made it look very professional. Do not hesitate to call Sharon for any help for website improvements or social media assistance. I have had great feedback from clients, so thank you!" - Michele W.

"I've recently started with Salty Red Dog Marketing and have so far been very pleased. Sharon Arena is creative with a great attention to detail. I particularly enjoy meeting with her monthly to coordinate our ideas, progress, and future plans. A+." - Rachel W. 

"I want to give a big shout out to Sharon Arena (Salty Red Dog Marketing) for re-designing my website. I was looking for a long time for someone specialized in Wix that will be able to help me out. Sharon was recommended by others and was so easy to work with. Couldn't be happier with the results!" - Claudia P.

“Sharon, you did a great job (with your presentation)! To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the talk as I have been to similar presentations in the past and wasn’t anticipating I would hear anything new, but you were a terrific presenter! I really enjoyed what you have to share. Appreciate, as well, your sharing your presentation and your experiences.” – Laura S.


“Definitely benefited from your presentation. Meeting you was the highlight of my day!” – Kelly G.


"Accessibility from beginning to end creating the most amazing experience for my business needs. Salty Red Dog Marketing understands my area of expertise and goals to push me for maximum results. Thus far I have been at a slow pace but with their aid, everything is coming along as it should." - Patty S.


"I am thrilled to work with Salty Red Dog for marketing assistance for my business. She is very good at listening and coming up with creative ideas to attract customers. I do not have much time in the day to juggle everything on my plate, and she helps alleviate a lot of the tasks for me. I would highly recommend Sharon and her services that she provides!" - Michelle D. 


"Well prepared, high-quality instructions." - Breck S.

"Sharon did an outstanding job. She was very professional, responsive, and partnered with me to assure a quick turn-around. I will definitely refer her to my friends and family. Definitely worth the price." - Sheila L. 

"Salty Red Dog Marketing is a great company that does awesome work in pushing my marketing and promotion for my music career to the next level. In just a month's time, my social media has jumped dramatically. Everything is done in a timely manner, also on follow-ups, meetings and on progress. If you want good results in your career with using promotion and marketing, I strongly suggest anyone work with this awesome company." - Tyrone B. 


"I am most pleased with the result of our consultation and knowing that someone understood immediately what my needs were and moreover can fulfill them." - Paula J. 


"Sharon was able to help me edit my resume and tailor the right cover letter for me in a really short period of time. She would also explain to me why she put it this way if I had any questions. Other than resume writing, she provided useful links for my future career set up." - Hsin C. 


"I was looking for someone to help with writing a resume. Sharon from Salty Red Dog Marketing was very helpful, quick and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her." - Susan V. 


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