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Marketing for Accounting Firms

Modern accounting companies' business operations depend heavily on marketing. Find out why it's crucial and how to do it.

You'll attract new customers via marketing

The field of accounting used to be secure. When a company employs an accountant, the relationship usually lasts. It was pricey and difficult to switch to a different company.

That is still true to some degree now. Many of your customers have undoubtedly been with you for a long time. However, it's becoming simpler for firms to compare prices. Moving to a new accountant is now easier than it previously was because to modern technologies. The market is being opened up, which increases client choice. Additionally, it offers a fantastic chance for agile, proactive businesses to acquire new customers.

But you must understand marketing if you want to attract new customers. You can get going with the aid of this manual.

Know your market and your customers

Understanding is the first step in accounting businesses' marketing. Without knowing what they need, you can't promote your services to prospective customers.

This does not need you to become an authority in their area of study. To comprehend the accounting requirements of an engineering business, one need not be an engineer. However, the more you comprehend their problems, the more effective your marketing will be.

Therefore, educate yourself about the businesses that serve your target market. You will have an advantage over companies that think all businesses are the same thanks to this.

Make a marketing strategy

A strategy, which should be integrated with your company plan, will keep you focused. That's because effective marketing will support the accomplishment of your corporate objectives. The marketing strategy need to contain:

  • Your USP (unique selling point): What distinguishes your company from others? Why should customers choose you above your rivals?

  • SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis: Be aware of your strengths and areas for development. Business possibilities and dangers should be considered.

  • Business targets: Make a list of the ideal prospective customers. Begin with those close to you, then go outward.

  • Services to be marketed: Which services offered by your company are the most lucrative? Which ones are most likely to appeal to potential customers? Which can be sold the quickest?

  • Realistic goals and time frames: What do you hope to accomplish? When should you expect to achieve your objectives? How will you measure your development?

  • Marketing tactics: Make a timetable outlining the steps you'll take to accomplish your objectives.

Remain informed

Running an accounting business involves more than just being current with tax legislation. You have a lot of tools at your disposal to stay up with different company sectors. Your marketing efforts will benefit from knowing this information.

Visit networking gatherings and speak with your local chambers of business. Join organizations and associations for professionals. Participate in forums, read publications, and browse websites. There are several options available on how to keep informed.

Think about creating a niche

It may be useful to market your services in specialized fields. There may be a few customers that work in the same broad industry as you. It could end up becoming your area of expertise. Consider, for instance, that your business has a number of medical clienteles. Marketing your services to other healthcare professionals might be successful for you.

Since increased knowledge results in increased efficiency, this may constitute a positive feedback loop. You will so gain as well as your consumers.

There are five marketing tactics you should employ

There are many different marketing strategies used by accounting businesses. It's a tactic that has to be used across your whole company. Here are five marketing avenues you might employ:

1. Client recommendations

One of the best marketing strategies is this one. Messages from strangers are significantly less valuable than personal recommendations. Ask your customers to recommend you to their colleagues in the business world. Provide two coupons for a free hour of your time to your customer. Ask them to distribute one to a friend or relative who may be interested in your services.

2. Your webpage

Regularly add new, intriguing material to your website. Make sure the contact information is correct and that it looks decent.

3. Online networks

Accountants aren't always the best at using social media to advertise their practice. But it's crucial to put up the effort. Most of your customers definitely use social media, so you need to be there. Hire a consultant or agency to assist you if no one from the company volunteers to conduct this task.

4. Email publications

Email newsletters continue to be quite successful. They must be well targeted, well-written, and beneficial to the audience. Write on anything you believe your customers may find interesting, such as tax deadlines, budget impacts, new tax rules, etc.

5. Radio, print, and TV

Although it's simple to get obsessed with internet marketing, there are other useful strategies. Take use of your local TV, magazine, radio, and newspaper marketing options.

Maintain consistency with your branding and messaging across all of these platforms. This will assist your customers and potential customers remember you.

Boost your reputation in the neighborhood

It is more than simply a good thing to do to assist in making the lives of others in your neighborhood and community better. Furthermore, it benefits business. It will boost your profile and present your company in the best possible way.

So participate. Learn how you and your staff may contribute to the active improvement of people's lives. That may imply:

  • Supporting local nonprofits

  • Helping to clean up unkempt sections of the city or dealing with disadvantaged youth or the elderly

  • Tell people about the work your company is doing once it is serving the public interest

  • Being confident in your work is a crucial component of marketing

Keep in mind your current customers

Making the most of what you currently have is a key component of marketing for accounting businesses. Effective customer retention marketing may be quite successful.

Try to schedule one monthly sales-free meeting with each of your customers. Asking them how they're doing and what they need can help you develop connections. Give them additional information about your offerings and see if there is a suitable match. Find strategies to get customers to recommend your business.

If you are preparing yearly tax returns for a customer, you could consider adding payroll services. Additionally, if you currently handle their payroll, offer your expertise in business planning.

Keeping an existing customer is far less expensive than finding new ones. You may increase the profitability of your current customers with the correct strategy.

The best businesses never stop promoting

Accounting firm marketing is not a standalone commercial endeavor. It is a method of thinking and doing that consistently advertises your company.

It entails making an attempt to comprehend your consumers' and prospects' requirements and responding accordingly. Do this whenever you can, both online and offline.

Your ability to demonstrate an understanding of your customers' demands will increase the value of your services. In this sense, effective marketing is only a component of successful company.


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Red Bank, NJ, Westport, CT, and everywhere in between. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media, and consultations.

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