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7 Signs of a Strong Brand

A brand is a language that’s supposed to have meaning – but sometimes it doesn’t always work that way. The definition of a “brand” is the name that’s given to a service or product from a specific source. A brand is also similar to the meaning “trademark.”

With the rise of packaged good in the 19th century – think Coca-Cola – there were many other soda manufacturers in the market. But before Coca-Cola could stand out from other soda manufactures, they needed to distinguish themselves from other fuzzy beverages.

So when creating a brand for your business, what are they key components to think of when putting together your mark? Here are 7 tips you should follow.


You have a clear message, and your dream client understands what you’re here to do.


You speak directly to your dream client’s current situation and biggest struggles.


Your dream client can sense your vision, what you believe in, and what you stand for.


It’s obvious how you’re different and why you’re the best fit for your dream client.


Your dream client trusts you and believes you can deliver what you promise.


Your ream client can easily recognize you based on your consistent voice and visuals.


Your dream client sees you frequently because you show up in the right places.

With all this said, as a company gets bigger, their brand awareness feeds their sales. If a brand is a personality of a businesses, what better way is there for someone to get to know your personality than by purchasing it rom you?

While your brand right now may not be widely recognized as Nike, Coca-Cola, or Google (right now), stay true to who you are in all aspects of your marketing activities.

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