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50 Marketing Habits Every Business Should Have

Why Marketing Your Business Is Important?

Marketing not only informs your customers about your products or services, it also lets tour customers get to know about the value you offer. Many businesses focus on good habits to help them become more successful in their industry. Not only are habits important, they tend to grow stronger and stronger over time and become more and more automatic.

Here are 50 marketing habits that every business should have – and practice!

1. Start fresh every day.

2. Get and use business cards.

3. Write a blog and share helpful ingo weekly.

4. Listen to your customers.

5. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas.

6. Read a popular business book for inspiration.

7. Create a Facebook business page.

8. Create a Twitter profile.

9. Create a Pinterest profile.

10. Create an Instagram profile.

11. Create a YouTube channel.

12. Join communities and social media groups to network with.

13. Use your social media to engage fans.

14. Send an e-mail newsletter.

15. Use your social media to provide customer service.

16. Collect e-mail addresses.

17. Offer a discount or special offer.

18. Host a giveaway.

19. Ask customers for referrals.

20. Ask friends and family for referrals.

21. Crete a referral network with other professionals.

22. Ask customers for testimonials.

23. Sponsor a cause or local event.

24. Get interviewed on a blog, magazine, or podcast.

25. Use SEO to drive traffic.

26. Network with other business owners.

27. Use Google AdWords.

28. Advertise on Google.

29. Advertise on Twitter.

30. Advertise on LinkedIn.

31. Network in LinkedIn Groups.

32. Advertise on Pinterest.

33. Segment your advertising: new & existing customers+ your email list.

34. Add a retargeting pixel to your website to advertise to website visitors.

35. Attend a network event.

36. Offer a freebie to fans.

37. Thank your customers.

38. Review competitors, see what is working and what is not.

39. Host an online workshop, webinar, or training.

40. Write a guest blog.

41. Submit articles to large websites like Huffington Post.

42. Write a press release.

43. Ask customers for feedback.

44. Use videos to market your business.

45. Network in Facebook groups.

46. Create your own Facebook group.

47. Offer an affiliate program.

48. Ask another business to promote your business.

49. Send personal cards to customers.

50. Most importantly, everyday: provide value.

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list – try a few at a time. As mentioned, by practicing a few over and over, it will become automatic. If you need help with any of these, we're here to help!


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Westport, Connecticut, and Red Bank, New Jersey. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media, and consultations.

Contact: Phone: (203) 429-9671

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