Understanding Facebook Algorithms

If you’ve been on Facebook lately – I’m sure you’ve seen posts about Facebook’s algorithm changes. First off, what is an algorithm? An algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.” (Wikipedia)

Facebook algorithm begins with understanding the values that Facebook uses to guide their thinking and work – basically giving you an idea of what content will do well on news feeds, and which will not.

  • FRIENDS & FAMILY FIRST – Facebook’s main objective is to be able to connect people with their friends and family. These posts and updates are prioritized first on your newsfeed. After that, Facebook gives its users what they really want – to be informed and entertained. The more you engage with a friend or business, the more likely you’ll see their content.

Make sure you don’t “like” stuff that you don’t really like – because then you’ll

start seeing it all the time in your newsfeed.

  • PLATFORM OF IDEAS – Facebook’s main goals are to make sure that everyone feels safe. They want to deliver information and stories that their audience wants, based on their feedback and actions online.

  • AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATIONS – Facebook has recently decided to prioritize genuine and organic stories, rather than misleading, sensational and spammy posts.

  • CONTROLLING EXPERIENCES – Facebook has allowed individuals to customize what they want to see – such as if they want to simply “follow” someone, also who’s posts and stories they’d like to see first.

  • CONSTANT ITERATION – Part of Facebook’s overall job is to make sure that your experience with the site is being constantly improved. They get this through your feedback.