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10 Digital Marketing Advice for Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers in 2022

A varied marketing plan is necessary to achieve long-term success in the mortgage brokerage sector. Unfortunately, it is sometimes simpler to say than to execute. After all, digital marketing is a complicated, subject that is continuously changing.

In light of this, we have provided digital marketing advice for mortgage brokers. You may increase your lead generation, maintain customer relationships, and expand your business with these strategies. Additionally, your loan officers will have a wealth of excellent prospects to focus their marketing efforts on!

Discover how to re-energize your digital marketing initiatives in 2022 by reading on.

Determine Your Ideal Clientele

Whether you are an experienced loan officer or are just starting out, the first step in digital marketing is to pinpoint your target market.

Reexamine your present procedures even if you believe you know who you should be targeting. Your desired consumer base could alter as your business expands.

Making "customer personas" is a terrific approach to make sure that you concentrate your efforts on the proper clientele.

These personas highlight the qualities you are looking for in a quality lead. Additionally, you may develop personas for low-quality leads and buyers who aren't quite ready to make a purchase. Your loan officers will find it simple to search through prospects and discover quality leads once you've created these templates.

Guest Posting and Link Building

The act of sending blog content to other businesses for publication on their websites is known as guest posting. Pay close attention to businesses that are involved in the mortgage market, such as lenders, realtors, and title firms. The businesses that you currently interact with on a regular basis are a wonderful place to start.

Make careful to add links to your page while writing these guest posts. To avoid last-minute conflicts, talk with the host in advance about the kind and number of connections.

Backlinks are links that go to your page from another website. These links are used by Google in its ranking algorithm. Your website may be able to appear on page one of the search results if it has high-quality backlinks.

Utilize a Variety of Media

You must use a variety of media effectively in your role as a mortgage broker. Despite being a vital component of any digital marketing plan, optimized blog material won't provide enough high-quality leads on its own. Your digital marketing initiatives must also include both photos and video.

Modern customers are particularly drawn to videos. For this method to be effective, you do not need to have a million YouTube subscribers or to oversaturate your website with videos. A small amount of strategically placed media content may have a big impact.

For instance, adding a video to your "About Us" page humanizes your company and attracts quality leads.

Make an Engaging Website

It should be your first priority to create a website if you don't already have one. To compete in the current market, every mortgage broker requires their own website.

Many customers look for mortgage services online, however you could still get your fair share of phone calls. A significant portion of leads will go on to the next loan officer who does appear online if you don't have a website.

Even if you have a website, you should occasionally evaluate it. You should use your smartphone to access it to make sure it is also mobile-optimized. If it isn't, get in touch with a web development company right once to fix the problem. A significant portion of users use their cellphones primarily for online browsing.

Your audience will be significantly reduced if your website is not visually appealing and engaging or does not function properly on mobile devices. A superb site is the beginning and the conclusion of revitalizing your online presence.

Participate in Social Media

Every mortgage broker should use social media profiles in addition to their website as essential marketing tools.

Numerous options for free advertising are provided by social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Once your platforms are operational, start publishing high-quality material often. Success tales, current blog links, and other resources may be included in your content to entice visitors to your website.

We advise concentrating your efforts on a few social networking sites. Create accounts on the social media sites that your target market uses the most. As was already said, the first step to revitalizing your digital marketing approach is defining your ideal audience.

Launch an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is a very effective strategy in the mortgage sector. Over time, it might be beneficial to send former customers recurrent emails to wish them a happy birthday or inform them of available refinancing options.

When it's time to refinance or buy a new house, these messages will keep your business at the top of clients' minds. Give them the chance to work with the same loan officer as well, if at all feasible.

Prospects can also be converted into qualified leads through email marketing. Include the emails of potential clients that provide information to your team via a contact card or phone call to your list.

Customers may move farther down the sales funnel by receiving short, engaging emails that are relevant to their needs. Your loan officers can therefore complete the transaction.

Using an excellent mortgage CRM makes it simple to send out efficient email marketing. To ensure that you never overlook the anniversary of a buyer's house purchase, add dates and tags to your buyer database. When the dates come around, your system may then send out personalized messages!

Quality prospects once more

Retargeting is the process of showing targeted adverts to visitors who have already been to your website. Because most customers don't choose a mortgage broker after only one visit to their website, this tactic is quite successful!

The best prospects for retargeting are customers who have given you their contact information and have visited many pages on your website or engaged with your content.

Through Google Ads, you can set up your retargeting campaign. The top mortgage CRMs frequently include options that make it simple to establish new campaigns with well-known platforms even if you are unfamiliar with them.

Obtain and emphasize client testimonials

Signs are being held by people. customer or consumer review rating, amount of satisfaction, and criticism icon. aiding in business satisfaction. Numerous people rate and give hearts and stars. Image in vector format.

Consumers are skeptical of commercial material. They are, however, considerably more responsive to the knowledge offered by other customers. The mortgage sector is a good example of this idea.

Encourage your customers to leave online reviews for your company. It's better if you have more favorable evaluations.

Reach out to former customers and kindly request that they submit a review of your business on Google or another review site. With a CRM that sends out automatic inquiries around a month after a loan is completed, you can accomplish this task with ease.

When you've received a number of favorable evaluations, emphasize them on your website or include some success stories in an email marketing campaign.

Additionally, you may use this criticism to enhance your client service. You may learn from these reports what your loan officers are doing well and what they might improve upon.


Relationships are the foundation of the mortgage industry. To close a loan, you must collaborate with customers, realtors, title companies, and other business experts. Use these connections to promote your services rather than just closing mortgages.

Join forces with professionals in the mortgage sector. Come up with a cooperative arrangement that will benefit both your lead generation and their business.

Consider collaborating with a broker who has more expertise if you are a novice loan officer. They might be able to provide you advice on how to improve your customer service and lead creation abilities.

Engage influencers

Similar to getting organic traffic, growing a social media audience might take a lot of work. Partnering with social media influencers is something to think about if you want to quickly reach a huge audience. These people are well-known social media users who have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers.

A social media influencer can assist in promoting your services there. You get access to their big audience thanks to this arrangement. Influencers are compensated, given free services, or both in return.

Don't just base your decision to work with an influencer on the size of their fan base. As a substitute, make sure the influencers you collaborate with are a suitable fit for your mortgage brokerage.

Profit from Mortgage CRM Technology

Your ability to generate leads can be greatly improved by putting these strategies into practice. However, you must still track and distribute your leads wisely.

So what's the best course of action? Utilize cutting-edge mortgage technologies.

A complete toolkit is included in our flexible software. You may use it to measure team performance, distribute leads automatically, and evaluate important indicators. Additionally, you will be able to automate marketing techniques so that you may concentrate on providing for your customers.

For mortgage brokerages of all sizes, Salty Red Dog Marketing provides scalable solutions. Our platform can meet your demands whether you are a sole loan officer or the director of a large mortgage company.


Salty Red Dog Marketing, LLC is a marketing agency in Red Bank, NJ, Westport, CT, and everywhere in between. We service businesses with marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media, and consultations.

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